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        Kaiping Xinhui Hardware Accessories Co. , Ltd. was established in 1999. It is a manufacturer of stamping parts mainly engaged in metal stamping parts and bathroom hardware accessories. Covers, fastener kits, processing paint, etc. We have been focusing on refining a series of stainless steel products such as stainless steel decorative cover, stainless steel decorative panel, stainless steel shower floor basin, stainless steel four-inch, eight-inch basin decorative plate, etc. The company can develop new product molds and customize non-standard products according to customer requirements. The company also has professional and mature surface treatment of baking paint and powder spraying technology, and the technical level is advanced.

        As a modernized company, we are well equipped with advanced automated production facilities as well as an experienced and innovative core management team. Our formalized factory is about 15,000 square meters with more than 200 employees working in it. With more than 20 years evolution and enhancement, we are proud to own our mature and developed automatic workshops of stamping and machining, as well as automatic workshops of grinding and polishing. Furthermore, our company are dedicated to continuously improve our production process and standards to better offer customers the best product quality and service with efficiency prioritized. 

        Xinhui company will keep making full use of our strengths in all aspects, produce and market for our ensured product quality and improve production efficiency. We are always committed to the "Excellent Product with Dedicated Service for Customers" principle, and took “Faith Foremost to Achieve Mutual Benefit” as our fundamental business mission. With many years proved record, our top-quality products, good reputation and excellent service bring us stable cooperation with many leading domestic enterprises and established long-term cooperative relations. Xinhui company looks forward to becoming your loyal friend and partner to achieve a mutually beneficial win-win future!


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